When you’re pregnant, everything changes. Even your teeth! You don’t lose calcium or teeth when pregnant. But the extra progesterone and estrogen in your body can alter the way your gum tissue interacts with plaque. (And cravings can alter the way you feel about Dairy Queen…which alters the way your teeth interact with your dentist!)

What can you do about dental care if you’re pregnant?

While pregnant, you’ll want to maintain your regularly scheduled, twice-a-year cleanings, and even consider adding an extra one. Some insurance companies will include a third cleaning for pregnant patients.

Cleaning is key!

Make an appointment for a cleaning during or just before your first trimester. At this point, we’ll do a full assessment and make a plan for your dental care throughout the rest of your pregnancy. The ideal time for any dental work beyond a cleaning is in the second trimester.

Tell us you’re pregnant!

Usually dentists are not at the top of your list of people to share your news with, but we do need to know if you’re pregnant or may be pregnant. We want to limit your exposure to x-rays, and we’ll want to consult with your OB if any dental procedures need anesthesia. We’ll keep your secret, promise!

There are some medications used for dental work that we’ll want to consult with your doctor on before giving you and we want you to know that we are putting your health and your baby’s health at the front of our decision making. Feel free to ask us all sorts of questions!

We’ll make you comfortable.

While you may need to have some dental work while you’re pregnant, there is no reason to postpone it. We can make you as comfortable as possible while performing the dental work. We’ll take breaks for you whenever you need it, we’ll make you comfortable in the chair, and we’ll postpone whatever isn’t necessary until after you give birth. Here are some things that may help you relax when in our chair:

  • Bring headphones and listen to relaxing music
  • Bring a pillow to help keep you comfortable
  • Keep your legs uncrossed to maintain circulation in your legs

Are you planning to start or grow your family? Have you recently discovered you are pregnant? It’s time to get started on your dental health plan today. Call the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gemmell, our Top Eugene Dentist!