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How do our teeth develop?


dental hygiene. happy little girl brushing her teethJust in the first few days of forming in our mothers as embryos we have teeth! Teeth, our nervous system and spine all form together in a tissue called ectoderm; it’s on the first three tissues formed after fertilization. Our baby teeth start developing as tooth buds and the jaws grow around these buds.

By the time we are born all twenty of our baby teeth (primary teeth) are already quite formed but just haven’t erupted yet. Even at birth our adult first molars are starting to form. The crown is the first part of the tooth to form then as it is erupting into the mouth the root forms thereby pushing it ‘up’.

The first baby to come in are the front lower two teeth at 6 months old then our upper front teeth soon follow. The next set of 4 teeth then come in every 3 months until around 2 years all 20 teeth have erupted. Our baby teeth often have spaces between them. This space is there naturally to make room for the wider adult tooth that will erupt.

Baby tooth Eruption

Central Incisor6-12 months
Lateral Incisor9-16 months
Canine13-19 months
First Molar16-23 months
Second Molar22-33 months

Adult tooth Eruption

Central Incisor6-7 years
Lateral Incisor7-8 years
Canine9-11 years
First Premolar10-12 years
Second Premolar10-12 years
First Molar6-7 years
Second Molar11-12 years
Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth)


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