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My gum has grown away from the tooth. Why does this happen?


Laughing woman smile with great teeth.Over aggressive brushing, teeth clenching/grinding and old age can lead to gum recession. As dentists, we recommend patient use a ‘soft’ bristled brush or an electric tooth brush. Some patients aggressively brush their teeth with a side to side motion that over years can cause the gum to fall away from the teeth. Clenching and grinding place heavy lateral forces on our teeth causing the gum to react by falling away from the tooth over time.

Patients with gum recession can be very sensitive to hot and cold liquids since the gum acts as a natural insulation to the tooth root. Some find the dark yellow roots to be unsightly on a front tooth and would like to have the gum grow back to cover up the root. Unfortunately gum tissue will not grow back on its own, it will either stay the same or become worse.

There is treatment for gum recession. The gum can be returned to its original height using a graft from the roof of your mouth. Gum grafting or connective tissue graft involves taking a small sliver of gum tissue from the inside of your palate. No external gum tissue is removed just the inside. The site is then stitched together and a protective retainer is worn for 1-2 days. The graft is stitched to the area that needs the added height of tissue and a protective bandage is placed. The before and after results of these grafts are quite impressive and patients are very pleased with the results! Contact us today to see how we can help, Dr Robert Gemmell a Eugene Oregon Dentist


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