Anxiety-Free Dentistry


Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Anxiety-free dentistry is an AMAZING alternative for patients who fear dental treatment. This is a NO needle approach to dentistry.

With anxiety-free dentistry, Dr. Gemmell has been able to help patients who would have otherwise never received the dental care that they needed, desired or deserved. Anxiety-free dentistry is excellent for patients who:

  • Fear needles
  • Have dental anxiety
  • Have difficulty getting numb
  • Have had traumatic past dental experiences
  • Require multiple dental procedures
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Are embarrassed about your teeth
  • Suffer from physical disabilities

This alternative is helpful for patients who have dental anxiety, require multiple or lengthy dental procedures, have a severe gag reflex, suffer from physical disabilities, have a fear of needles. Anxiety-free dentistry is also helpful for patients that have difficulty get numb or have had traumatic experiences in the dental office.

Maybe you are embarrassed about your teeth; this will make you more comfortable in the dental chair. Remember, we have seen it all, you will not be judged in our office and we are here to help you return to optimum oral health.

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Anxiety-free dentistry is not “sleep” dentistry. Though you may sleep during your appointment, you are minimally aware of your surroundings and completely relaxed. Many patients report having little memory of their dental visit. While sedated you will be able to breathe on your own, follow directions and communicate with your dental staff as well as be able to walk into and out of your appointment.

Your safety is very important to us, we will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels at 15 minute intervals during treatment. Along the lines of safety, we require that you have a responsible driver bring you to and from your dental appointment. You will also need a responsible person to stay with you for a minimum of 5-6 hours following your appointment. While having the ability to make decisions while undergoing anxiety-free treatment, this doesn’t insure that you will remember these decisions. You won’t be able to return to work following your appointment. We will ask that you take care of yourself, go straight home, go to bed and “sleep” off the remainder of your anxiety-free condition. Allow your responsible escort to take care of you.

The best parts of anxiety-free dentistry is that years of dental treatment can be completed in just one visit in a manner that is safe, comfortable and effective.


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