Sleep Dentistry


Sleep Dentistry

Sleeping through a dental procedure? What a glorious concept. Picture yourself waking up in a dental chair wondering when the appointment is going to start, only to be pleasantly surprised that your appointment is already finished! Sleep sedation provides you with the opportunity to experience discomfort-free dentistry at your next dental visit.

Great For Patients Who:

  • Fear going to the dentist
  • Have a long list of treatments that they want completed at one appointment
  • Have difficulty lying in the dental chair for long amounts of time
  • Have trouble holding their mouth open for long appointments
  • Have difficulty getting numb

What to Expect

Eugene Sleep dentistry is accomplished through the use of several sedative drugs that can not only calm you but also cause you to fall asleep. These medications can increase your pain threshold so that normal stimuli that used to bother you no longer does. Other benefits that you can expect from sleep sedation:

  • Relaxed soothing state of calm
  • Diminished fear of treatment
  • Little to no sense of sound or smell
  • Amnesia: Loss of memory of the dental appointment
  • Long appointments seem to finish in just minutes

What Kind of Sedation Works for You?

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry: This mild sedation is an excellent way to manage your mild dental anxiety. Oral medication is provided before your appointment in order to induce a mild state of sedation. These medications do not always cause you to fall asleep but they do reduce your anxiety and attention to noxious stimuli. Most patients cannot remember the discomfort, smells or noises associated with their procedure or the amount of time that has passed. Usually a dose of medication is taken prior to the appointment is followed by a second dose during the appointment.

Sleep Dentistry (moderate sedation): Moderate Sedation or IV sedation, is a deeper sedation than oral conscious sedation and suited for those with even greater anxiety. A thin needle is placed in a vein of your arm and medications are slowly introduced into the blood stream. The amount of medication can be adjusted instantaneously to customize the anesthesia to your needs. The aim of IV sedation is to use the least amount medication as possible to get the desired effect. At any time an antidote can be administered to reverse the effects of the medications if necessary. Patients are often groggy after the procedure so it is important to have someone to drive you home and take care of you.

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At Distinctive Dental we are trained to safely provide you with your dream appointment.We are certified in IV sedation and operate with a caring professional staff. To find out more about your sedation options please contact our office to set up a consultation.

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