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Why do I need my third molars taken out if they aren’t bothering me?


questioning manMost people are born with a third set of molars. Lucky or unlucky, some people are born with even a fourth set of molars. Just because we have third molars doesn’t necessarily mean our jaws are long enough to accommodate their size. Third molars can come in many different locations. They can point sideways, push on our other teeth or stay hidden in the bone and gum.

Third molars could be left be if they didn’t cause any problems unfortunately they do lead to a host of different pathologies. Because they are so far back in the mouth they can be difficult to keep clean with brushing and flossing and unfortunately lead to aggressive periodontal disease or large cavities that can even affect the teeth in front of them. Third molars left under the gum within the bone have a propensity to cause large cysts and will certainly need to be removed at a later date. Lastly third molars can ruin the alignment of our straight teeth, which makes all that time you spent in braces for naught.

We tend to extract wisdom teeth when patients are in their late teens. At this time young healthy patients recover faster and the bone holding the teeth in is more flexible allowing for an easier extraction. Patients are numb for these extractions so that they only feel pressure, no pinching. Patients can also choose to be sedated for these procedure which will not only make you more relaxed and sleepy during the procedure but will also allow create an amnesiac affect so you can forget the procedure!


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